It's My Turn. The Fair for Professional Skills

Since 2017, the Center d'Etsudis Politècnics de Barcelona has been organizing "It's My Turn", a fair where students demonstrate their skills with the aim of contacting the professional world. This edition, the IMT20 #ResEnsAtura, has taken place online.

Large participation in the webinar: "The online practice entreprise"

Very positive assessment of the webinar  "The online practice entreprise. What have we learnt during the confinement?", hold on June 12. We appreciate the collaboration of the lecturers, Mrs. Mª Asunción Clavería, Mrs. Paloma González and Mrs. Estefanía Sierra, who shared their experiences with all of us.

New! Students can have a look at opening times from practice entreprises

We would like to inform you that all SEFED students can have a look at opening times for practice entreprises of the network.